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Hey! Look how VeRy SeRiOuS we’ve made Superman. We threw out all those childish colors, taken away his smile, and thrown him in Gotham where it rains and is cool and dark and gritty and Batman lives there. Superman’s just like Batman! When you think of Superman, we want you to automatically think: Batman! Never stop thinking about Batman. Please think Superman is cool! Please think Superman is dark and gritty and cool and this movie is so vErY sErIoUs because we want you to think we are grown up adults not the immature little babies that everyone told us we were for liking superheroes our entire lives!

Warner Brothers and DC Comics on the first image of BATMAN v superman: Dawn of Justice (via comicsandsuch123)

I seriously read Spiderman at first…

Reasons to celebrate/wish a happy 4th of July!

Ok, so this is something I’ve been hearing for years now, and it being barely 10 am, I’ve heard it five times already today… so I need to get this off my chest.

First of all, I’m mexican. Yeah, my blood’s more mixed than a kid’s plate at an all-you-can-eat-buffette, but my parents were both born in Mexico and I was born in Mexico, so yeah, mexican.

And every year, regardless of the place I’m living at, I get the same comments behind my back and the looks whenever I say something about this day. Some people I know even scolded me for wearing what they considered “too American colors”.

Now, there’s a damn lot of resentment from various countries around the world against USA, starting with the soreness of old lost wars, stolen/taken territory, mistreatment of foreigners and minorities, the thing where people from the USA call themselves american while America is a whole continent that has a lot of american-but-not-american people in it, among many other reasons. 

Most of these things might be true… but then again, there’s a few important points to be noted, starting with the fact that all countries have done shit in their history of which current residents have absolutely zero responsibility for. I mean, yeah, I’m mexican, and prehispanic cultures used to offer human sacrifices to their gods… I certainly don’t feel I deserve to be blamed for the actions of fanatic war priests who lived centuries ago.

And then, when I say this, I get the typical “oh, but there’s still people nowadays that *insert argument*”. Yeah, sure, there are. But there’s also racist people in my own country (believe me, despite inverse-racism not really being a “thing” in our world, I have suffered it, having been told that I’m “too white” to be mexican, being called blondie as if I’m just a color and not a person, and so on), but I think that’s not a good reason to hate all my country. There’s also a damn lot of great people from the USA, just like there are in many other places. 

So, yeah, the USA isn’t a perfect place by any means. But then again, I don’t think there’s any place that can be considered perfect, since we all know there’s always room for improvement.

Besides, in celebrations such as a country’s independence day, I believe that, first of all, independence and freedom should always be celebrated. And second, I think it’s a great chance to think on what it means, what we’ve accomplished (as a country, community, group or simply as humanity) and the way we still have to go; to celebrate the good things we’ve done, and to learn from the bad ones. In that, I think we all are pretty much the same. Also, regardless of what people have done in these two centuries, the idea, the essence on which the USA were founded, is pretty good.

So, if I want to feel happy and festive because today a country’s celebrating a good thing, and wish its residents a very happy day and a better future, I damn sure will.


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